Movie Review - Walt Disney’s "Bedtime Stories"

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010
Bedtime StoriesThe picture on the box is adorable - a wide-eyed guinea pig, and an uncle telling his adorable nephew and niece a story, while holding an umbrella over his head.  Why the umbrella?  Why, it's raining gumballs, of course!

Before the movie began we had the beautiful Disney castle logo and Tinkerbell.   The tagline tells us to  "Believe in Happy Endings."  All of that would lead you to believe this was a wonderful family movie - right?  Wrong.

One of my daughters asked if we could check this out from the library, and if I would preview it.  We are EXTREMELY careful what movies we allow our daughters to watch.  I usually check new releases out on
Previewing movies is a common occurrence for us.  I'm sure glad I did my due diligence on this one.  It is NOT a family movie, and for Disney to promote it as such is tragic.  I'm sure many parents plugged this one in for their little ones.

What's wrong with it?  Well, plenty.  In no particular order, here are a few examples...
  • We had a Paris Hilton-type character who dressed and behaved inappropriately.  She spoke suggestively to a six year old boy about having a girlfriend and kissing her.
  • The same character appeared in a gold bikini complete with "belly button jewelry"
  • There were very suggestive references to inappropriate situations.
  • We had three flatulence jokes - really, Hollywood, haven't you exhausted this vile attempt at humor?
  • Russell Brand played a kind and good-hearted character that was just a little to weird to be around children
  • A lot of women were dressed in clothes that were immodest.
Now, there was a great deal of good to it..
  • Family loyalty
  • A community coming together to save a school
  • The importance of encouraging each other
  • Fun, and imaginative bedtime stories (like raining gumballs)

Disney, have you forgotten how to make a family movie?  You had a wonderful story going here, but then you ruined it with inappropriate adult situations and flatulence, among other things.  We don't need that.  Just give us a good wholesome movie where I can sit down with my children and mother and not be embarrassed!

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