Memories of Mrs. Linda Reece

Monday, June 28th, 2010
Roger & Linda Reece.jpgA dear woman passed into eternity to be with her Lord and Savior this past week.

Linda Reece, wife of Roger Reece, the pastor of Pine Mountain Christian Community Church fought illness for some time - although you would rarely have known it when spending time with her.

I had the opportunity to participate in a Bible study with Roger and Linda when they first came to the mountain community in 2007.  It was a Bible study based on marriage, and strengthening our marriages.  Roger and Linda were candid and wise.  There were a couple of nights when Linda led the meetings, as Roger had an elders' meeting to attend.  She did so with love and grace - and her witty sense of humor!  Linda was great for sly comments out of the side of her mouth - always polite and kind - but hysterical, nonetheless.

Linda's memorial service was the most beautiful I have ever attended.  Scripture was read, hymns and praise choruses were sung, family and friends shared their memories, but the most touching moment, was the Gospel presentation delivered by her husband.  It was Linda's request that Roger - her pastor - deliver the message at her service.  Roger has strength that I don't have.  He was focused and clear about the steps one needs to take to spend eternity with our Lord.  You're going to spend eternity somewhere - best to make sure NOW where that will be.  Roger, there was not a person who left that service untouched - by the tribute and memories of Linda, but also by your courage to say what needed to be said.  Thank you.

This poem, by T.R. Buzzard was on the back of the program.  It speaks volumes.
Our Pastor's Wife
In the shadow of the parsonage stands a figure of obscure.
Just behind the faithful pastor is his wife, devout and pure.
She is with him every moment helping make his work progress,
and you can't discount her portion in the measure of success.
Oft behind the scene of action, often never seen or heard,
yet she stands forever ready just to give a helping word.
It is not in active service that her worth is really shown,
but in the bearing heavy burdens that to others are unknown.
With encouragement and vision she must urge God's servant on,
when the shadows are the darkest and his courage's almost gone.
With her home forever open and her work quite never done,
she is ever his lieutenant in the battles fought and won.
Well done, Linda.

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