20100617 - Hand writing letterThumb.jpgDear Mr. Iger,

Our family stopped watching the Disney Channel many years ago.  Somewhere along the line the channel changed from fun and interesting family programming to several broadcasts each day of tween shows.  I mean, really, how many times a day does "Hannah Montana" have to air?

We miss "Vault Disney" and the classic movies.  You used to produce wonderful series like "Avonlea".  Where is the creativity?

I have a theory that there are far too many cable channels available, and not enough talented writers or actors to fill the time slots.  So we end up with unfunny sitcoms like "The Wizards of Waverly Place", "Hannah Montana", "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" - well, you get the picture.

How about producing some new series - with the same quality of "Avonlea" - here are some ideas...

The Boxcar Children
The Borrowers
Nancy Drew
The Hardy Boys
The American Girls stories
Historical or period Dramas (e.g. "Swamp Fox", "Zorro", "Johnny Tremain", etc)
A youth time traveler series - teaching children about history - Mr. Iger, there is so much excitement in history, with good writing, it could make great programming

Just some ideas to encourage The Disney Channel to return to its days of glory and quality.

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Dear Mr. Iger: A Disney Channel Makeover

I love watching the old Daniel Boone and Davy Crocket movies. It would be awesome if they made shows like that.

Posted at 07/18/2010 23:17:45 byWendy Mack

Dear Mr. Iger: A Disney Channel Makeover

I think they should put the "Swamp Fox" shows back on! That was really cool!

Posted at 08/22/2010 16:17:52 byEmily Mack

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