A letter to Disney

Thursday, June 17th, 2010
Dear Mr. Iger...Dear Mr. Iger,

As most Americans my age, I grew up watching "The Wonderful World of Disney" every Sunday night, going to the theater to see Mr. Disney's newest release, and being fortunate enough to grow up in California - visiting Disneyland every year.  As thousands do, we consider ourselves a "Disney" family.  We love watching the old Disney movies and going to Disneyland.  My first born is even named "Wendy"!

Given the soft spot in our hearts for The Park and all things Disney, I've decided to write this blog to encourage you to keep the Disney name pure; to keep Disneyland just right, and to encourage you as the head of the most phenomenal company on our planet.  In this column, I'll write suggestions, perhaps share a memory or two, and tell you about fabulous Disney experiences.  So, here goes.

This week I have a question...What gives?

Several years ago, we purchased the DVD collection of the Mickey Mouse Club's first week on television.  My children were riveted to the stories and music, until Day 5, and we realized there was no Day 6.

There was a fun series shown on Days 1-5 about a boy who wanted to be a pilot, and a girl who wanted to be a stewardess.  Days 6-10 are not available for us to purchase, so my children and I were EXTREMELY disappointed that we could not see how the series ended.  What gives?  

That was 5 years ago - and I still cannot find Week 2 to purchase.  Since the "Mickey Mouse Club" was know for its serials, why not release the shows so the audience can experience completion?

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