From double dedication to double baptism

Monday, September 2nd, 2002
On January 24, 1993, Amy and Wendy were dedicated to the Lord. A double-blessing!

19930124 - Dedication Amy & Wendy.jpg
Mom, Wendy, Pastor Loucks, Amy, and Daddy

Listen to the dedication ceremony:
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During the past two years, Amy and Wendy each asked Jesus to be the Lord of their lives.

Yesterday,  Amy and Wendy made public their decisions to live their lives for the Lord.  They were baptized at our church, in the outdoor baptistry.  We were honored to have two special men assist in their baptism - Pastor Mel Loucks, who married Eric and I and who dedicated Amy and Wendy 10 years earlier, and Pastor Peter Beers, our current worship pastor, former choir leader, and long-time friend.  In fact, Peter and his wife, Robin, were Amy and Wendy's first visitors in the hospital when they were born!

2002 - Baptism Amy & Wendy 02.jpg
Daddy, Amy & Wendy at their baptism with Pastors Peter Beers, and Mel Loucks

2002 - Baptism Amy & Wendy 01.jpg
Daddy and Pastor Beers baptize Amy while Wendy and Pastor Loucks look on. (Wendy's up next)

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