The Latin Road

Thursday, September 2nd, 2004
My daughters and I are excited to begin studying Latin and world history. Two of our friends, who also home educate their children, have graciously offered to present year-long courses in these subjects to some of the home educated students in our community. This is a real treat for us, as both are professors at The Master's College, and they each bring a high level of expertise with them. On the first day of class, 30 home educated students attended.

Image:The Latin Road

When asked why they wanted to learn Latin. Some of the young people said that it was because they wanted to improve their English grammar, others wanted to score high on their SATs, others said that they wanted to learn Latin because their friends were, and still others said that their parents had made them attend. :-) One young person admitted that he and his friends wanted to learn Latin so that they could talk about people in a language that no one would understand.

Whatever their reasons for attending, I am certain that they will learn many things over the next year.

Our family is grateful for the opportunity to participate. I'm looking forward to learning with my daughters, too.

Image:The Latin Road

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