The Curious Savage

Thursday, June 7th, 2012
Mrs. Savage and the other inmatesThis past semester, The Master's College Drama Department put on John Patrick's delightful play "The Curious Savage".  This witty play is the story of Ethel P. Savage - an old lady and recent widow whose husband left her 10 million dollars.  When she tries to spend the money on crazy and fun things to enjoy life and helping people, her three selfish step children have her committed to an insane asylum and try to find the money that she hid.

Things get crazier and crazier however, as the perfectly sane Mrs. Savage must thwart the attempts of her step children and try to get herself released.  Along the way, she makes friends with the inmates who help her along and the question soon arises:  who is really crazy - those inside the asylum or those outside?

Hannibal and Fairy May - two of the inmates in the asylumThe Master's College did a superb job in putting on this production.  The attention to detail was quite something to see and the set was very impressive as well.  It was especially fun to see students that I knew performing and making each of the characters their own.

Congratulations to directorsTricia Hulet and Kellie Cunningham as well as the cast and crew for all the hard work you put into this.   Well done!

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