Science Fair 2003

Saturday, April 12th, 2003

This weekend, our family participated in our first Homeschool science fair. There were many children in attendance and all of the projects were outstanding.

Here are our entries...
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20030412 - Homeschool Science Fair Kelly.jpg
Kelly Marie:
"How does a butterfly grow?"

20030412 - Homeschool Science Fair Amy.jpg
Amy Elizabeth: "How does a computer work?"

20030412 - Homeschool Science Fair Emily.jpgEmily Danielle: "What things are good at soaking up water?"

20030412 - Homeschool Science Fair Wendy.jpg
Wendy Anne: "What things conduct electricity?"

20030412 - Homeschool Science Fair Award Emily.jpg20030412 - Homeschool Science Fair Award Kelly.jpg

20030412 - Homeschool Science Fair Award Wendy.jpg20030412 - Homeschool Science Fair Award Amy.jpg

Here is a description of the event, written by one of the older students:

Homeschool Science Fair

by Caitlin Steele

On Saturday, April 12th , four homeschooling families joined together for a
science fair. The projects were all very interesting.  Kelly Mack researched the
butterfly's life cycle.  Emily Mack experimented on what household items
soaked up water.  Amy Mack took a computer apart and demonstrated how a
computer works.  Wendy Mack showed how an electrical circuit worked by
lighting up a light and turning on a fan.  Faith Steele explained how viscosity
worked by dropping BBs into household liquid items.  Caitlin Steele made a
battery out of several citrus fruits.  Calli Steele tested for acids and bases in
household products. David Brunelle analyzed glow sticks to see how to make
them last longer and Steven Brunelle examined the movement of water
molecules.  Daniel Tominaga tested chocolate bars to test whether freezing
them effects the taste. Tyler Tominaga exhibited how air pressure stopped water
from flowing.  All the projects were intriguing.

In addition to the above science fair projects, the LEGO Mountaineers, a girls
homeschool robotics team, shared their research presentation from last year's
robotics competition in which they won the Judges trophy.

It was fun to see all the projects.  Each worked hard on a different
experiment and it was great to have a forum to show them off.  Thank you to
the Brunelles for allowing us to use their home for the fair!

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