Homeschooling is bad?

Friday, September 11th, 2009
I have just read an article that really upset me. This article by the Olympian listed several reasons why parents should consider not home-schooling their children.  This article seems to be getting a lot of attention and I thought I would add my opinion as a student being home schooled.

First I should probably tell that home schooling is a family effort.  I have been home schooled my entire life and have loved it.  My mother does not work outside of the home - but she's never idle.  She is constantly busy teaching my three sisters and I (all varying grades), running the household, as well as assisting my father as a secretary for his business when needed.  My father works at home and runs his business from his office which is on the same level we all do school.  He also acts as our principal (if needed), and teaches us occasionally.

In the article I read, the point was made that "...One disadvantage is the financial burden or hardship it can impose upon a family.  It is the responsibility of the parents to purchase the curriculum needed for home schooling where the public school provides it at no charge."  It is true that home schooling costs.  Books can be expensive, but this also gives the parents the freedom to choose the material for their child.  If there is something we disagree with, the parent can find another resource for their child - public schoolers do not have that option.

The article also brought up "...Another disadvantage is the amount of time it drains from parents who perform the task..."  There's no denying it, home schooling does take a lot of time an effort.  But the job of parents is to be responsible and devote the time to their children and train them.  All throughout history, we read how children were privately educated, whether by their parents or by a hired tutor.  Either way, the parents took on the responsibility of training their child through time and/or resources.  Parents took this task seriously and did their best to provide for their child.  They then took great pride when their children grew up with the established values and principles they had learned at home.

Another point made was "...the lack of a guide or counselor can be a serious disadvantage.  Sometimes, children have issues or concerns that they don't feel comfortable talking to their parents about....(in public school) Children also have their teachers to talk to and provide support.  It is important for children to have someone safe they can confide in when necessary."  If you are being home schooled your parents become your guide and counselor.  If your parents are involved in your life every day there isn't that hesitation of talking with them.   You know they care about you, else they wouldn't be home schooling you.  I can guarantee to you that most home school students aren't going to want to give up talking with someone they know and love for a complete stranger that the school district says you can trust.

Probably the biggest point that this article made is nothing new.  This argument keeps coming back again and again.  "...The biggest disadvantage to home schooling is the child's lack of socialization which does not provide them the opportunity to interact with other children."  This is a severely mistaken point of view that many people believe.  I have found that home schooling has allowed me more socialization than I probably could have had at a public school.  Without the constant interruptions that public schools have, I am able to focus harder on school, get more done, and get done faster than a public school student.  With the extra time I get every day, I have been able to participate in many different activities such as handbell choir, extra curricular science courses, vocal choir, church activities, robotics, drama, etc.  I still get to interact with people, the difference is that I get to choose who those people should be.  

I hope I have given some more information on the benefits of home schooling. I have found this to be a blessing to me - our family has never been closer. I admire and really want to thank my parents for making the right decision to home schooling us.

I have a new GTD Note Taker Wallet

Friday, September 11th, 2009
As a thank-you for speaking at the GTD Summit my father was given some free credit on the GTD store with which he purchased my sister and I each a GTD Note Taker wallet.  I have to say that I am very impressed.

I have long been jealous of my father's GTD wallet which came complete with several spare pads of paper, a pen and pen holder, money holder, and credit card holder.  I grew tired of lugging around several pens and different pads of paper in my purse “just in case I have an idea I need to capture.”  

The wallets came in a beautiful box which held the wallet, several spare pads of paper (each the right size for the wallet) as well as a few ink re-fills.  

I am now fully enjoying my new GTD wallet and the freedom it allows me to capture information on the go.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone else who in interested in a great capture tool.

Opening the GTD Note Taker Wallet Box GTD Note Taker Wallet Packaging My new GTD Note Taker wallet in its protective shipping sleeve My new GTD Note Taker wallet

I love my new GTD Note Taker Wallet

Thursday, September 10th, 2009
20090320-GTD_Wallet_Wendy_001.jpgAs a thank you gift for working at the GTD summit, my father bought me a GTD NoteTaker Wallet.  For years I have always been jealous of the fact that whenever my father wanted to capture an idea or record information, he would simply open his wallet and write it down.  In order to accomplish the same task, I used to carry a small pad of paper in my purse but soon abandoned the idea for its bother.  It seemed easier to try to remember something or have my father write it down than to lug a notepad around in my purse and deal with bent up, loose, or torn papers.

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Amy & Wendy at the Magic Kindgom for their 17th Birthday (2009)"Do you think she's following us?" my daughters wondered as they entered the main gate of Disneyland on September 5, 2009.  You see, this year, Disneyland is offering everyone free admission on their birthday, and we decided to take advantage of that for Amy and Wendy's 17th birthday.

Amy & Wendy have had many opportunities to go around Disneyland together, or with their younger sisters, but in the past, Mom and Dad were still on Disney property.  Not this time - Mom took off to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library, where she could roam and read about the displays in peace!Amy & Wendy at Disneylent Main Street, USA  (1997)(A fabulous place, by the way - we are blessed to have two Presidential Libraries in Southern California - The Ronald Reagan Library is located about 90 minutes northwest of the Nixon Library).

So, the girls kept looking over their shoulders expecting me to pop up at any time.  We knew they would have a wonderful day and create many magical Disney memories of their 17th birthday.  Thanks, Disneyland!