Play the Part!

Thursday, August 19th, 2010
A story in today's news told of a woman complaining that The Walt Disney Company discriminated against her because they would not let her work while wearing a Muslim head scarf.  

When you choose to work at the Disneyland Resort, you are joining a "Cast"; you play a part, you are never referred to as an employee.   As a cast member, you agree to the costume you will wear, just like an actor on a stage.  If this woman got a job at a theater as an actress, she cannot tell the director that she is going to wear her religious clothing as she plays a part.  I'm a Christian, and I don't think the cast members should wear anything other than what the part calls for - no cross necklaces or earrings, no Stars of David, no yarmulkes, etc.  I want my Disney cast member to blend in with the surroundings - I don't want her to have pierced body parts, bright pink hair, or religious emblems.  

So, Walt Disney Company, I applaud you for doing the right thing.  You've set a beautiful stage, and all of the people who come to be part of the show must follow the script.

A ticket to Disneyland

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010
20100617 - Hand writing letterThumb.jpgDear Mr. Iger,

The Orange Country register just reported that Disney attendance has dropped 4% for the spring/summer season this year.  That's normally Disneyland's busiest time, isn't it?

Why do you think attendance has dropped?  

Perhaps it is because the average family's expendable income cannot keep up with your constant raising of the price of the park admission.

When Southern California annual passes were $99, our family of six bought them, and drove the 125 miles each way to go to Disneyland almost weekly.  Since we felt we were getting a "deal" we spent money on meals, snacks and souvenirs.  Now, they are $239 each - over twice as much!  There is no way our family can afford that much in passes, gasoline, parking, AND food to go to Disneyland.

Perhaps you should consult the folks over at Knotts Berry Farm.  When they lowered their annual pass prices last year, people flocked to them in droves.

Guidance in Homeschooling

Sunday, August 8th, 2010
We have now been home schooling 13 years.  While the routine of it gets a bit easier throughout the years, the desire to do and teach your children more continues to grow.  I'd love to go back and do it all over again - there was so much more information to learn!  This morning I read this piece by Janice Southerland.  It is a beautiful reminder to allow God to guide us through our endeavors to teach and raise our children.  

School has arrived at the Mack House!

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
Kelly in front of her sixth grade curriculumOn August 2, my 6th grade curriculum arrived. I am so excited!  I LOVE learning!  I took inventory, making sure everything we ordered had arrived, and then I sorted my books by subject.  I cannot wait until next Monday, so I can start school.  My favorite subjects are health and history.  I'm very proud to announce that last semester, my sister, Emily, made the honor roll.  My goal for this school year is to get straight A's!