August highlights

Sunday, August 31st, 2003
The month of August started off with the girls attending Vacation Bible School at the local church.  Eric and Kathy volunteered to coordinate the Friday night potluck and show.   We had the entire event set up and ready to go in about 20 minutes in the town's outdoor gazebo area.  Well...about an hour before the event, the rains came down and the floods came up.  We rushed to the church/gazebo and moved as many chairs indoors as possible, drying them off as we went along.  Although we wore rain ponchos, our clothes were soaked up to our knees!  The folks turned out, and everybody worked together to make the evening a success.  Kathy, and her sister, Cindy, went on their first "Sisters' Trip".  Would you believe they went to see the Osmonds get their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?  Of course you would.  They also attended a three day fan club event called "OsFest".  For lots of stories about wacky Osmond fans, just ask them to tell you about some of the people they met there.  Amy and Wendy's braces came off this month, now they just wear a retainer for the next year.  Eric and two of his friends decided to work together and take turns helping each other with big projects.   They have now spent many Saturdays putting siding up on one man's barn, and working on the irrigation and planter boxes in our front yard.  By spring Kathy should have flowers!  Eric runs an on-line forum called Our Piazza. One of the members, whom Eric really admires, was going to be visiting Southern California from Pennsylvania.  We made a trip to Newport Beach to meet her, and then took the girls to the amusement park at Balboa Island.

Beautiful & Spacious Skies

Wednesday, August 13th, 2003
All too often I forget to step outside and admire God's creation.  We are truly blessed.
Image:Beautiful & Spacious Skies
I took this photo from my back deck.  You can see a live photo from my weathercam.

My wife left me

Thursday, August 7th, 2003
My wife left me early this morning to join her sister at OsFest.  
Image:My wife left me

For the next four days, Kathy and her sister will be in Hollywood and then at the Universal Hilton, (Part of the Universal Studios complex) ,celebrating the unveiling of the latest star on the Hollywood walk of fame, dedicated to a leading entertainment family. The evenings will be filled with star-studded, white sequined jumpsuits, dinners, variety acts, possibly a surprise visit from Andy, and lots of home movies.

As for me, no such excitement. I get to stay home and really appreciate just how hard my wife works, day in and day out, tirelessly educating, cooking, and cleaning, and helping me with the business. She is truly an amazing woman.  Perhaps I should nominate her to run for governor of California.  

I miss her already, and it is only day one of four.  

Mr. Mom.