A marriage proposal to remember...

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Here's an over-the-top and magical wedding proposal. John proposes to Erika in the middle of Main Street at Disneyland.

But watch, something special happens.

I wonder if she knew he could sing?

I still prefer my marriage proposal to my kindergarten crush. (See the comments for Kathy's telling of the story)

Via: Video of the Day
This weekend, a friend shared a list of the top ten things a father can give his children.

1. A Spiritual compass

2. A Biblical self-image

3. Physical affection

4. Roots and wings

5. Marital harmony

6. A positive attitude

7. Purposeful discipline

8. A good role-model

9. A passion for life

10. ______________

What would YOU add to this list?