April 2001 highlights

Monday, April 30th, 2001
April was an incredibly busy month for us. It started out with Amy getting glasses. Emily, Wendy and Amy began swimming lessons this month. The biggest event for our family was the church musical. Emily sang with her choir. Eric acted in the skit as a fisherman, and even had a small solo. Amy and Wendy sang with their choir and sang some solos on one of the songs. We felt their accomplishments were pretty amazing, especially since they performed before about 800 people. Kathy somehow got through the event while trying to recover from strep throat. It was an odd month for our cars. Eric experienced a blow-out, lost his brakes, and had a trailer fall off our car. Fortunately, God was with him through all of these events, and no one was hurt.

Fish Tales

Sunday, April 22nd, 2001
Tonight Eric made his dramatic stage debut at church.  He played "Uncle Gill" in our church's children's production of "Fish Tales," a musical in which he told the children stories from the Bible and how they could become "fishers of men."  Though he has no plans to continue in this line of work, it was a wonderful experience for him to rehearse with Amy & Wendy and the rest of the Children.
Image:Fish Tales
There were about 100 children in total, under the inspiring direction of Ms. Lelia Mrotzek, who taught the children that this was more than just a musical.
At one point in the program, Eric even had to do a did a little rap-style dance. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures, so you will just have to imagine it. :-)