March 2002 highlights

Sunday, March 31st, 2002
Eric took a fall down our stairs and broke a bone in his ankle.  It took a couple of weeks for us, or the doctor to figure out it was broken, but once it was diagnosed, and treated properly, it healed rather quickly.

Amy & Wendy have again been part of their church choir this year, and were honored to be chosen for a small ensemble that would perform in addition to their choir.  They have been blessed with a loving and talented choir director.
Image:March 2002 highlights
The Mack sisters get ready to go to AWANA

The AWANA Bible Club began at the local church in Pine Mountain Club.  Kathy and Eric volunteered this year to be leaders of the "Cubbies" (children ages 3-4).  Kelly and Emily were in our class, and we averaged about 15 little ones each week.

Grandma came down from Modesto to celebrate Easter with us. She made the girls beautiful Easter dresses which the girls love to wear.

Image:March 2002 highlights
Grandma a few of her grandchildren

The Bible tells me so...

Sunday, March 31st, 2002
This month, Kathy and I accepted the responsibility to lead the Cubbies in our local AWANA Bible club.
Image:The Bible tells me so...
Here I am, about to bring Cubbie bear (a puppet) out of his house, as part of our nightly skit.  We have about fifteen 3-4 year olds in our class each week. It is a delight to be teaching with my sweetheart.