February 2001 highlights

Wednesday, February 28th, 2001
The latest addition to the inventions around the house is a band organ that Eric is building. We often hear melodious strains coming up the stairs from Eric's workshop. (And through the floors, and shaking the house!) We have been able to share it at church and homeschool events.


Sunday, February 18th, 2001
Amy, Wendy, and Eric attended a Father/Daughter banquet at our church.  My mother made the girls Hawaiian dresses, and Eric, a matching shirt.  
Looking at the clothes on their backs and the sandals on their feet, you might conclude that it was warm and sunny outside. Actually, it was 30 degrees at home, and we had to trek through deep snow to get out to the car.  Fortunately, they did not get frostbite!

In Search of Sushi

Sunday, February 11th, 2001
What do you do when you have a craving for Sushi and the nearest Sushi bar is 70 miles away?  Exactly. I decided to roll my own!

After visiting one web site to learn how to cook Japanese rice and another to learn how to prepare a California  Roll, I was ready to begin.

Image:In Search of Sushi
Chef Eric

Equipped with a plastic bucket for the rice, my supplies, and the printed instructions from the Internet, I set off to make my homemade Sushi rolls.  (Fortunately, I had thought ahead and purchased the Japanese rice, Nori rolls, and imitation crab meat at Pavilions a week ago.)

Image:In Search of Sushi

By the time this adventure was done, it cost as much to purchase the supplies and took as long to prepare the Sushi as if I had simply driven the 70 miles to Santa Clarita.

I guess I won't be opening the first Sushi bar in the mountains, but it did satisfy my craving.