Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Tuesday, December 31st, 2002
Daddy As Joseph with and Amy and Wendy 01.jpg
Amy and Wendy with daddy as Joseph

Many years ago, our family became acquainted with the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat by Andrew Lloyd Weber. Mommy and daddy first saw Joseph at the Pantages theatre and enjoyed it so much that they took us to see it as soon as we were potty trained and old enough to sit still long enough to watch it. Mommy made us Technicolor dreamcoats of our own to wear to the theatre. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed watching the orchestra in the pit below the stage. Afterwards, we were invited back-stage to meet Joseph and the cast. Since then, we have become Joseph groupies. Mommy and daddy have taken us to see many performances of this wonderful production across the country.

At one point, we went to see this production at the San Gabriel Civic Auditorium. The actress who played the narrator recognized us from another production which we had previously attended at a different theatre. During performance she sang directly to us as we sat in the front row. It was a lot of fun. After the performance, she took us back to meet the cast. At one performance at Pepperdine University, daddy was even invited back-stage to try on the coat of many colors.

Now, we have passed our coats on to our younger sisters, Emily and Kelly. The tradition continues....

For those you who may be unfamiliar with the story or the musical, it is a truly delightful story for all ages.

Here are some photos we have taken at some of the many different performances we have seen!

1995 - Joseph Amy Wendy Daddy Pepperdine 01.jpg
Daddy was invited to try on the Technicolor dreamcoat

1995 - Joseph Amy Wendy Pepperdine 02.jpg
Here we are with Joseph at Pepperdine University

1996 - Joseph Amy Wendy Thousand Oaks 01.jpg
Here we are. Can you tell us apart?

1996 - Joseph Amy Wendy Thousand Oaks 02.jpg
Joseph invited us back stage in Thousand Oaks

1997 - Joseph Amy Wendy Glendale 01.jpg
Here we are with our narrator friend, Janine Benson

1997 - Joseph Amy Wendy Glendale 02.jpg
Here we are with Joseph at the Glendale Centre Theatre

1997 - Joseph Amy Wendy Glendale 03.jpg
Here we are with Joseph in San Gabriel

2002 - Joseph Emily & Kelly Bakersfield 01.jpg
Emily and Kelly meet Joseph for the first time

2002 - Joseph Emily & Kelly Bakersfield 02.jpg
Kelly & Emily meet Joseph at the Bakersfield Music Theater

2002 - Joseph Emily & Kelly Bakersfield 03.jpgAmy & Wendy pose with Pharoah at the Bakersfield Music Theater

2002 - Joseph Emily & Kelly Bakersfield 04.gif
Emily, Kelly, Jospeph, Amy and Wendy

2002 Christmas Greeting

Friday, December 20th, 2002
Image:2002 Christmas Greeting
Our littlest angel, Kelly

We have truly been blessed by the opportunities that we have been given this year; we have had a full plate almost every week in school and at home and Eric and Kathy have been very involved with the girls in their activities.

This year, we actually managed to get our house decorated for the holidays before Thanksgiving!  The girls have all enjoyed helping to decorate and enjoy the festivities.

Image:2002 Christmas Greeting
Our Christmas Musical

Our homeschool drama group presented its musical this month.  Kathy ran the sound system and Eric recorded the event on video.  In the play, Wendy played a reporter, Amy a palace servant to King Herod, Emily was Mary and Kelly was a little angel.  (She still runs around the house singing "Angels We Have Heard on High" every day!)  The production went very well and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to be involved.

Image:2002 Christmas Greeting
Mommy mans the sound booth

As we shared at the beginning of this letter, this year has been a challenge financially as Eric's business has been severely affected by the post 9/11 economy.  While it has been stressful and even nerve racking at times, God has been faithful to provide for us and to help us keep our roof over our heads, and the bills paid; but it has been very difficult.  We are grateful for the key clients that Eric still serves on a regular basis.

While Eric receives many client referrals; fewer businesses are able to make the investment in his services at this time. We hope that next year, we will see a recovery in the economy and in business in general.

The details we have shared above tell of some of the highlights of our activities and events this year, but not of the truly important things that we have experienced.  We have felt God's presence in our lives so very strongly.   He has helped us build a strong marriage over the years; one that could truly be celebrated and enjoyed this past year.  He has given us good health - most of Eric's health problems from past years have been absent this year.  God has given us a family that loves each other deeply, enjoys encouraging each other, and truly relishes being together.

Our faith has been challenged and we have grown a lot this year as we learn to rely on God, rather than ourselves.

Image:2002 Christmas Greeting
Christmas 2002

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas this year, we pray that you have the peace of knowing our Lord.  May your Christmas be a joyous blessing of His love.

p.s. As I conclude this letter, it is 2:00 am, there is 4" of snow on the ground, the gingerbread is almost ready to pull out of the oven, and the kids will be awake in  5 1/2 hours. Tomorrow is another day.

Since I not employed outside of the home, many have asked "what does a homeschool mom do with all of her free time?"  

Now you know. :-)

Sports for the Mind

Saturday, December 7th, 2002
Image:Sports for the Mind
Eric and the girls have returned from a quick trip to San Diego where the all-girls homeschool robotics team that he coaches participated in the U.S. FIRST Jr. Robotics Competition.   The team consisted of my our oldest daughters and four other homeschooled girls.  It was a fun opportunity for Eric to teach a little math, a little science, how to build a LEGO robot, and how to give a presentation.

The girls had to give their research presentation as well as their technical presentation before a panel of judges; scientists from the San Diego Supercomputing Center.  They were then called back throughout the day for additional interviews with the judges.

At the end of the day, during the awards ceremony, the team was awarded the Judges trophy for their excellent work on their technical and research presentations.  The girls did an outstanding job on their research and presentation projects. I am very proud of all of them.

Here is an emotional video of the girls being called down to receive the judges trophy.   (Amy is the one accepting the trophy)
   RealVideo - High speed               RealVideo - Low speed

I plan to update the girls team web site with more photos and their newspaper articles soon.

If any of you have, or know of middle school-aged children, the U.S. FIRST organization, founded by Dean Kamen, is a truly wonderful group of people, dedicated to the inspiration and recognition of science and technology in students.

2002 Christmas Card: At home by the tree

Sunday, December 1st, 2002
2002 - Christmas Card.jpg