November highlights

Sunday, November 30th, 2003
Our LEGO robotics team has been chosen to participate in the Legoland competition in December, so we are having lots of meetings getting prepared for that event.  After a brief break this summer, Eric returned to school to continue studies towards his degree.  Kelly and Emily sang in church this month and did a beautiful job.  

It has been a challenging month, at least as far as transportation goes.  We had to sell both vans, due to expensive repairs needed, and we are down to one car. We are hoping to squeeze a few more years out of our faithful 11 year old Ford Explorer it before we have to replace it.  We are seeking God's plan for all of this, and pray that He has something wonderful in store for us.  

Eric spent a great deal of time this month updating our various websites.  His friend, Tanny, gave a great deal of his time to help Eric get started.

Advent 2003

Thursday, November 27th, 2003
Image:Advent 2003

Greetings!  2003 has been a very busy year, with ups and downs, but always full of lots of love.  
We are grateful for all of the blessings God has given us. Here are some highlights to share with you.
Please enjoy our web site.

Grace to You!
Eric, Kathy, Wendy, Amy, Emily & Kelly

Kindergarten Crush

Wednesday, November 5th, 2003
Like many people, I had crush on the Kindergarten teacher in room 19.

Image:Kindergarten Crush

Unlike most of you, however, I did something about it... I proposed to her.

She said yes.


Mr. Freeze pays a visit

Tuesday, November 4th, 2003

We have had quite a cold snap lately.

Here's a graph from my WeatherCam that shows the temperature last night. A brisk 24 degrees. Brrrr.

I guess it's time to defrost the freezer and move the contents outside. No sense paying for electricty when I can get a deep freeze on my back deck for free. :-)

Image:Mr. Freeze pays a visit