October 2002 highlights

Thursday, October 31st, 2002
This month we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary.  Eric's aunt and uncle took care of the girls for us and we headed off to Disneyland - ALONE - for the weekend!  It was fun to take in both parks at a leisurely pace. (OK, so the photo is not current. That's us, the day after our engagement)

Image:October 2002 highlights
Eric passed Kathy's Disneyland test...

The girls performed at church with their respective choirs this month.  Each week, I assist Emily's kindergarten choir, and Kelly tags along.  She has been so well behaved, that she was invited to perform with the choir!  We were so proud of her, as she did just as well as children two years older than her!

Image:October 2002 highlights
Daddy's l'il pumpkins

LEGO League continued and we are still enjoying the friendships that resulted from this activity.

Another year of AWANA ends

Thursday, October 24th, 2002
The AWANA Bible club we have been leading ended this month.  Kelly received an award for finishing her first Cubbie book; Emily received an award ribbon for finishing her second Cubbie book; Amy and Wendy received trophies for finishing their grade-level book, as well as pins for finishing a second workbook.  We were extremely proud of all of their hard work memorizing Bible verses.

Image:Another year of AWANA ends
Amy & Wendy receive an AWANA Award

Image:Another year of AWANA ends Image:Another year of AWANA ends
Kely & Emily strike a pose

CNC Website Launch

Sunday, October 6th, 2002
For many years, one of my hobbies has been robotics.  This led to my interest and fascination with Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Machining - the process by which you can take a concept from design to finished part - all by computer.  Last year, I purchased a Sherline Mill and Lathe, along with a Grifftek CNC conversion.  I have started to document my learning process and that the best way to help me learn, would be to document and share my experiences with others.
Image:CNC Website Launch
Today, I launched Eric Mack's hobby CNC web site, which I hope will accomplish this purpose.