Emily begins kindergarten

Wednesday, October 31st, 2001
October was a big month for Emily. Even though she just turned four, she is beginning to read, and I felt that she was ready for kindergarten. So, she, too, formally began homeschool this year. We celebrated by taking her to the library to get her own card. Quite a big event!

Amy & Wendy - Getting Things Done

Thursday, October 18th, 2001
Today, Amy and Wendy were given the honor of a Getting Things Done seminar by David Allen.  David is a friend and client, who has known the girls since birth. They were the first children to attend one of the productivity seminars.  David was a most gracious host and included the girls in the discussion.  Amy and Wendy handled themselves well and I am very proud of them.  At one point in the seminar, David talked about the motivation for getting things done.  He used a story that his dentist told him: "You only have to floss the teeth that you want to keep."  Amy and Wendy that that was really neat and they asked me if we had any floss at home.  (Thank you David!)