Eric’s radio debut

Monday, January 31st, 2000
In January, Eric was a guest on the radio show "Working from Home."  As the title of the show suggests, Eric was able to share with the hosts, Paul and Sarah Edwards, and listeners the value he has found working out of our house.

Santa caught on video, delivering presents

Saturday, January 1st, 2000
Simply put, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. In our home, that is first and foremost. But the Macks, who enjoy a bit of whimsy and tradition, clean out the chimney every year and set out the cookies and egg nog to welcome Santa. This Christmas, Amy and Wendy asked Daddy to take our webcam and point it at our Christmas tree. We set the webcam to snap a picture every five minutes from 8:00 pm on December 24th to 10:00 am on Christmas Day, December 25th.  

02:08 AM, December 25, 1999: that spry old elf was caught in the act!
Our webcam, which we set up to catch Santa, has been taking pictures of our living room and Christmas tree every five minutes throughout the night. This morning, we logged in and found that we had captured Santa in two of the many frames snapped during the night.

SantaCam  12/25/99  02:03:16 AM
SantaCam  12/25/99  02:03:16 AM

SantaCam  12/25/99  02:08:34 AM
SantaCam  12/25/99  02:08:34 AM

SantaCam  12/25/99  02:13:11 AM
SantaCam  12/25/99  02:13:11 AM

SantaCam  12/25/99  02:18:33 AM
SantaCam  12/25/99  02:18:33 AM

We love you Santa!  Thank you for the presents, we hope to "see" you next year!